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German Insurance Advice for Indian Expats

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Clearing the Confusion:

Our insurance brokers are highly skilled in serving foreigners in Germany.

In Germany there are many insurance providers and products, which can make it difficult for people coming from abroad to find the suitable insurance. Moreover, the exclusive use of german language by majority of insurance companies can lead to language barriers and difficulties in understanding them. Remember that not all insurance brokers are unbiased and may prefer specific products or only work for certain insurance companies. All these factors can make it difficult for Indian immigrants in Germany to keep track of the different insurance options. 

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5 mistakes that are often made at the beginning

1. no long contract periods for property insurance:
Getting involved in long contract periods is not a good idea, as you can look for better offers (price/performance) every year. 

2. Do not settle insurance claims yourself:
If you have a claim, could you let your insurance broker know? He knows how to communicate and settle it properly.

3. don't jump to conclusions:
Often clients who have not lived in Germany for long have taken out contracts (insurance policies) and only realised later that it was not a good decision because the product did not suit them.

4. be open and honest:
it is always best to be honest and open with your insurance broker. We work solely in your best interest and want only the best for you. That's why it's essential to tell us about your plans and wishes so we can help you best and avoid conflicts later on.

5. keep your insurance documents safe:
Keep your insurance policies, contracts and other important documents safe. You may need to access these documents if you have a claim or change. You can keep your policies with us digitally on an app.
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Wide range of insurer
100% free Consultation
30 + Years of Experience
Specialised in Indian expats
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Who is allowed to use our service?

Expats groups

Our services are available for students, employees, self-employed people and families who come to Germany from India. Because in Germany it is mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance, the first step is to find the right one for you. After that, we advise you on the most important insurances that meet your needs such as: private liability, legal protection insurance, car insurance and many more...

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Completely free consultation in Germany

We are insurance brokers not agents!

We are a team that specialises in the needs of Indian immigrants in Germany. We offer our clients the perfect insurance solution. Our aim is to support our clients in all matters related to insurance.
We have already established a good reputation in the Indian community. Many of our customers have come to know us through recommendations from friends and family members. We emphasise customer satisfaction and ensure that our customers can from a long term connection with us.

We are trained insurance brokers. We take care of all the insurance issues for you and your family.



All insurance are available in the app.
The report claims and finds documents always and anywhere.

Clear division of tasks:
We support you with everything you need in English
, and you remain the boss.




This is how we cover your insurance needs together

1. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to discuss your desires and requirements.

2. After understanding your specific needs and engaging in a conversation with you, we will propose a personalized insurance plan.

3. Once you are content with our proposal, we will handle the selection of insurance for you, allowing you to refocus on your core competencies with peace of mind.